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Hogskin Holidays is happy to bring Baggo to the festival this year. The Baggo Tournament will be Saturday, April 13. Registration is from 8:00-9:00 and play will be begin promptly at 9:00. Entry is $40 a team for pre-registration and $50 the day of. Great prizes for the winners.


-Must be 13 years old to enter tournament 

-Double Elimination 

-Partners face each other from opposite boards

-Each team will throw 4 bags

-Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are tossed

-The last team to score on previous round tosses first

-Toss again if any interference occurs

-Foot foul will be called if foot crosses foul line

-A coin will be tossed to see who will toss first

-Winning team report score to scoring table

-First team to score 21 points or more wins 


  • 3 points for each bag in the hole

  • 1 point for each bag on the board

    • Team 1 has 1 bag in the hole= 3 points

    • Team 2 has 2 bags on the board= 2 points

    • Score for the first round is Team 1: 1; Team 2: 0 

-Scoring is the difference in the team totals 

For example: After round 1 (all 8 bags thrown)

-Bags pushed in by an opponent’s toss counts as a baggo (3 points)

-The game is over if the score reaches 11-0 (Skunk)


You can EARLY register at the Judges office in Hampton, Arkansas or mail your form in to:

Hogskin Holidays Festival

P.O.Box 99

Hampton, AR 71744

Attn: Baggo

For questions about Baggo, contact Savannah Means or Kaleb Belin

Phone: 870-820-3212

Baggo Tournament

Entry Form & Rules